Monday we were headed out for our second load of hay. We found this waiting for us in the barn that morning. Thanks Sake, your timing is impeccable.

Meet Splash. She had a beautiful brother. He didn’t have an easy time entering this world, and sadly he didn’t stay with us long. Splash is a determined little thing. The bottle seemed to flummox her, but she got fed before we headed out for our second round of hay.

It was about 10 degrees cooler in the field for this load. We would have made it under the cloud cover if not for the Splash delay. Little Miss has gotten more confident with the use of the hay hook and she’s now trying to drag the bales on her own. She can actually move the lighter ones.

Here are the results of our second Hay Day. Please note the new tire swing. Thank you Wendell of CSR for the used motorcycle tire. Daddy rigged up the rope system and the tire swing has been a HUGE hit. Although we are now plagued with requests for a push. The goat girls are adjusting to the latest invasion of their space quite well. There are only a few snorts on the way to the milk stands now.