“Make hay while the sun shines!”

In Washington, that is no joke. Summer arrived on the 4th of July, and by the 5th anyone with a field was cutting hay. The hay lady called to let us know that they had our hay ready to pick out of the field on Sunday.

The Little Miss has always accompanied us on the hay hauling trips. While the bales have always weighed more than she does, she makes the effort to help. This year she is finally tall enough to make them move a bit.

It was HOT in the field. About 85 or so (OK, not so hot to some of you in the central plains states) and of course it didn’t help that we are old and out of shape. Em thought that the large sprinkler a few fields over looked like it might be fun, until I pointed out that the “water” was green and smelled like cow poop.

Missy found that she could drag the hay bales quite easily across the floor of the trailer. She took to pulling the bales to the edge so I could load them into the barn where Dad was stacking them. She needed help pulling the bales down so they didn’t squish her, but she was very helpful.

This is our first 100 for the season. We have another 100 to pick on Monday! Whoo Hoo!