I’ve been catching up on a few things around the farm.

Our goats are all tattooed, normally in the ears. I have the bigger set of tattoo digits for my pliers. If I don’t wait until the kids are a few months old, part of the tattoo ends up either in the hair at the tip of the ear or somewhere near their brain. It is a messy process, so I tend to put it off until I have to, then I can do them all at one time.

It was also time to trim up the milkers udders. It was getting a bit hairy under there. I could still find the teats, but I was catching hairs when I milked and that isn’t pleasant for any of us.

So now my hands are that lovely shade of green and I have goat hair in places I’d rather not. This also reminds me why I dread showing. I have to give the girls a fully body clip and that means A LOT more hair.

Thankfully we aren’t showing this year so I have a reprieve for one more year!