Yep!  I said it!

Over at the Missouri Star Quilting Company Forum we are thinking about Christmas and are creating Secret Santa boxes for our assigned quilting buddy.

While I might aspire to have this type of gift box for her, the reality is that she will probably end up with one more like this.

This tree, while being a little less spectacular and a bit more wonky, is certainly loved. It is even now, living happily in our front yard. I hope that is what I can send to her, a box of holiday happiness and goodies. Perhaps even some that she can use often and enjoy for years to come!

Off to list out a few ideas and see what I can start to put together!  Our mail date is December 1!

I think her favorite colors were orange, aqua, and avocado green with double knit polyester as her favorite type of fabric. I’m sure there is something fabulous I can create using those! (OK, just kidding!)

I’ll get more of her “likes & dislikes” details tomorrow with the confirmation I received the e-mail with her name.

I can’t wait to really get started!