We have come to the end of haying season here. In the past I have been left really short on hay if I waited until September to get all we need. So now I get enough during the main hay season to ensure that I have plenty to get through the winter. This year we were able to get a third cutting in before it rained! Bonus!

My husband was off with the guys that Saturday, so I invited Mom to come along for the trip. She got to drive the truck and trailer through the field while Em, Vincente (hay-farm helper), and I loaded the trailer with last 100 bales of the season.

Eric helped Em & I unload the trailer Sunday morning. I’m not sure the hay girl was really awake yet, but we weren’t moving hay without her supervision!

This stuff is soft and green and the girls eat it like cotton candy! I am going to have to mix it in with the second cutting to keep them from wolfing it down about as fast as I put it in the feeder. There wasn’t a blade left in this feeder by morning.