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OK, I’m not sure how they ended up in Missouri, but here are a few that have been missing.

One of my quilty sisters, Sandy, from Missouri apparently found a few of my marbles at her place. Thank you so much for sending them back!

The package actually was a bright point in my day. I had received a call that morning that my grandfather had been admitted in to the hospital. He is battling Parkinson’s disease. As a man who has been in control of his life for as long as I can remember, this is probably the hardest thing for him to have. He is fighting, but it is a loosing battle.

Thankfully after all of the tests, it is just the progression of the disease that caused his problems, and not a stroke or a heart attack. While it hard to be thankful for a continued diagnosis of a disease that slowly debilitates a loved one until they can no longer function, at least there are not other, more imminent, threats to his life as well.

So thank you Sandy for sending me a few of my missing marbles on a day when I needed them.



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