A bit late, but I just downloaded the camera to get the pictures.

Our own pumpkins were still green, so we went to the local pumpkin patch. It was pouring rain and the pumpkins were pretty well picked over, but we found one that would work.

Little Miss picked the face. Dad cut out the top and started the gut scraping. Em got to fish out the guts. Yum!

Here is the finished face. He was officially named Happy Happy Happy. He certainly appears to be. He is even now making the chickens extremely happy.

Em decided she wanted to be a dinosaur for Halloween. The pattern looked simple enough. I even read through the directions before I agreed to make it. How wrong I was. This pattern was, hands down, THE worst pattern I have ever tried to make. The directions were horrible. Who decides to make & stuff a four foot long tail and then have you construct the costume around it? I finally smartened up, used my common sense and unstuffed it to finish the construction. When I did finish the tail I added an elastic strap at the end of the tail so she could keep it from dragging in the mud. I didn’t stuff the tail to the same fullness they wanted either. There was no way she was going to be able to sit in a chair or the car with that monstrosity.

That being said, I think the costume turned out well for all of the problems I had. More importantly, she loved it! It looks pretty stylish with the polka dot rain boots too! You know all of the trendy dinos will be wearing them now!

We went to the local Trunk or Treat at the Improvement Club. A nice way for the kids to get to see each other’s costumes and not be out on the back roads in our area trying to trick or treat. We did stop in at the neighbor’s house as she really loves to see the neighborhood kids in their costumes. We also followed that up by donning the costume again on Thursday for a Trick or Treat trip to Nana & Grandpa’s after our speech appointment. Fun was had by all.


Thankfully that costume is big enough for next year too! Whooo Hoo!