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OK, the trip was a few weeks ago, but we had fun.

We have some dear friends who live on Whidbey Island. They have been pestering us for a few years to come for a visit. It’s not super easy to just pack up and go for a weekend with the farm and the critters. We found a farm sitter, packed up the car and headed out.

We went up the peninsula towards Port Townsend. The drive was pretty and the incentive of salt bagels with red onion & bacon cream cheese spread at the Metro Bagel shop was enough for Eric to agree to take that ferry crossing. It was a smart move, as we heard that there were long waits at the other ferry crossing.

Ferry Ride

Em loved the ferry. I swear she ran from one end to the other at least six times. On the trip over we saw a couple of seals, but no whales or mermaids.

We brought the tent. It rained. We’ll need to seal the seams in the floor, but it was pretty water tight other wise. The new air mattress held it’s air very well.

Em made fast friends with their daughters, Sarah and Cheryl. Instant big sisters! Whoo Hoo!

Mr. Pat sent her over the moon by letting her ride the horses. Oh, she liked playing on the beach and looking for fish, crabs, cool shells, rocks, and sticks. I think she even won a hand or two of Uno (with a little help). But the super huge smile was brought on by Vern the horse.

Horse Breath?

Mr. Pat & Miss Wendy showed her how to brush Vern to get him ready for his saddle. Vern wanted to snuffle Em. Apparently he doesn’t do this, to anyone, ever. I think it was love at first sight for both of them. We made sure we brought her bicycle helmet, because riding without a brain bucket is just crazy.

Riding Vern

Mr. Pat helped Em up into the saddle and lead Vern around while she held on. Her legs are a bit short for the stirrups yet, but that won’t last too long with as quickly as she is growing.

Buster & his Momma

The cutest member of the farm was Buster, the miniature horse colt. The chickens, goats, and llamas were OK, but we can see those at home.

There were tears when it came time to leave. Em’s slice of heaven trip finally came to an end. She loved having “big sisters” if even for only the weekend. She did stop sobbing with the aid of M&M’s and the return ferry ride.

I don’t think it will be hard to get us to come back for a visit.


Glacier Bay Walls

The walls are painted with a few extra additions of “Cave Art” to hide under the wainscoting.

Corner Cave Paintings

The ceiling needed a few touch ups. The Pooh’s Umbrella blue had a few smudges left on the ceiling from the previous paint job. One coat was not enough to hide them.

Stain Station

We picked up all of the wood for the wainscoting and the baseboard and chair rail trims. That is a lot of wood to stain! It is a light honey color that goes with most of the rest of the wood in the house.

Wainscot Stained

The wainscot installation process had a few hiccups. An important power tool was left at work, so Eric went “old school” for cutting out the outlet and phone box. Look! The tools are wireless & energy efficient!

Wireless Tools!

The biggest problem occurred when the second piece of chair rail was cut and he attempted to attach it. It didn’t match! We bought it in pre-packaged sets. No where on the bin or the packaging was it indicated that different molding patterns were possible. (I double checked.) We had all four packages stained and upon further examination three of the four matched.

So I took the receipt, and my indignation, and went back to the Home Depot. I don’t think the returns gal was real happy about it, but she offered a straight across exchange. Some poor HD guy finally asked me if I needed help finding something. This was after I had lined up ALL of the trim sets along the front of the rest of their displays, sorting as I went. I tried to explain the problem to him. He only grasped my frustration after I handed him the “good” sample and told him to match it. Now, to be fair, I did start him at the end where I knew none of them matched. Then when we got to the ones that were the same, I asked him to check them for quality. Should I use the ones with the big chunks missing out of the knots, or the one with the big sap pockets oozing under the packaging? As he left, he said he was contacting the vendor about quality control. Sure thing buddy.

Wainscoted Wall

Once those pieces are stained and dry we can finish the installation. It looks good so far. Especially with carefully cropped photos!

Next stop is the closet organizer installation!

Our son is growing up. He has had some big changes in his life the last few years.

Jaiden's Birth Day

He has become a Father and a good Dad. Last month he decided that it was time to move out and get an apartment of his own.


No, I did not decide to take over his old room with my sewing stuff!  We are going to use that room as an office and guest room.

Cave Artist

We picked out a light robin’s egg blue for the walls. We got a test jar to see if the color would be as nice in there as we thought. We managed a couple of  “test squares” and then it evolved into cave paintings.

Cave Art

Some of the paintings will survive. We are planning on putting wainscoting around the base of two of the walls.

More Cave Art

I can just imagine what someone will think if they ever take it down.

Long ago, before we had the farm and another child, we bought into a timeshare. (This NOT a horror story about timeshares. I really like ours.) We had some points that were expiring in June if we didn’t use them up, so I started poking about the reservation site.

Low and behold, we could get into a condo at Ocean Shores for a few days around Mother’s Day.

I made a few calls. Eric could wangle his schedule around. The Farmer from Herron Hill could come and mind the milkers for a few milkings, and Em could miss Monday’s classes. We left Sunday morning, hit the Olympia Farmer’s Market and made it to the coast by dinner time!

Kite flying

We had a blast! We got soaked Monday morning while walking the beach, but by 1:30 this is what we had to put up with!

Go Fly A Kite!

The best Mother’s Day so far!



I have a few minutes and the photos have been uploaded so I am going to tell the tale of Laura’s quilt.

Laura's Quilt Top

Laura has an older sister, Emily, who has been very sick with a pretty nasty disease. Thankfully she is holding her own against it with a lot of support from friends and family world wide. Our group of quilters from Missouri Star Quilt Company put together a quilt for Emily. We wanted to wrap her in our hugs and love while she was undergoing some of the more unpleasant parts of the treatments that will save her life. We also felt that her sisters, Laura & Sarah, needed to feel the quilty love as well. I was able to get Sarah’s done more quickly than Laura’s, as I already had all of my pinks & greens out for another project.

Bottom right - Laura's

This is the one that was made for Laura. Several other ladies donated a total of  9 blocks for her top. Life got crazy around here, but I eventually got the top completed. About the time I did, Ruby was moving from Hawaii to Georgia. Ruby, the angel, sandwiched and quilted Sarah’s top.  I had not had the best of luck with my walking foot on my machine, and I was not confident in my quilting skills. This was a pretty important quilt and I didn’t want to mess it up.

Laura's Dolphins

I dug out the Ultimate Visual Guide to Quilting (Thanks Phyllis!) and re-read the part about making the quilt sandwich. I pinned the backing to the living room carpet and then safety pinned the layers together. It worked well, although crawling around on the floor to get it pinned reminded me I’m not as young as I like to think.

Bottom Left - Laura's

I didn’t have enough of the blue stars for the whole backing, so I pieced in a section with her name appliqued on it. Her sisters won’t be able to swipe it now!

Laura's Quilt back

I am really pleased with how this quilt turned out. It was supposed to be a gift for her, but in the end it was also a blessing for me. I had get past my hang up about my ability to machine quilt. This quilt is stitched with many prayers and lots of love. I hope that this quilt brings her much comfort and happiness.