I have a few minutes and the photos have been uploaded so I am going to tell the tale of Laura’s quilt.

Laura's Quilt Top

Laura has an older sister, Emily, who has been very sick with a pretty nasty disease. Thankfully she is holding her own against it with a lot of support from friends and family world wide. Our group of quilters from Missouri Star Quilt Company put together a quilt for Emily. We wanted to wrap her in our hugs and love while she was undergoing some of the more unpleasant parts of the treatments that will save her life. We also felt that her sisters, Laura & Sarah, needed to feel the quilty love as well. I was able to get Sarah’s done more quickly than Laura’s, as I already had all of my pinks & greens out for another project.

Bottom right - Laura's

This is the one that was made for Laura. Several other ladies donated a total of  9 blocks for her top. Life got crazy around here, but I eventually got the top completed. About the time I did, Ruby was moving from Hawaii to Georgia. Ruby, the angel, sandwiched and quilted Sarah’s top.  I had not had the best of luck with my walking foot on my machine, and I was not confident in my quilting skills. This was a pretty important quilt and I didn’t want to mess it up.

Laura's Dolphins

I dug out the Ultimate Visual Guide to Quilting (Thanks Phyllis!) and re-read the part about making the quilt sandwich. I pinned the backing to the living room carpet and then safety pinned the layers together. It worked well, although crawling around on the floor to get it pinned reminded me I’m not as young as I like to think.

Bottom Left - Laura's

I didn’t have enough of the blue stars for the whole backing, so I pieced in a section with her name appliqued on it. Her sisters won’t be able to swipe it now!

Laura's Quilt back

I am really pleased with how this quilt turned out. It was supposed to be a gift for her, but in the end it was also a blessing for me. I had get past my hang up about my ability to machine quilt. This quilt is stitched with many prayers and lots of love. I hope that this quilt brings her much comfort and happiness.