Long ago, before we had the farm and another child, we bought into a timeshare. (This NOT a horror story about timeshares. I really like ours.) We had some points that were expiring in June if we didn’t use them up, so I started poking about the reservation site.

Low and behold, we could get into a condo at Ocean Shores for a few days around Mother’s Day.

I made a few calls. Eric could wangle his schedule around. The Farmer from Herron Hill could come and mind the milkers for a few milkings, and Em could miss Monday’s classes. We left Sunday morning, hit the Olympia Farmer’s Market and made it to the coast by dinner time!

Kite flying

We had a blast! We got soaked Monday morning while walking the beach, but by 1:30 this is what we had to put up with!

Go Fly A Kite!

The best Mother’s Day so far!