Glacier Bay Walls

The walls are painted with a few extra additions of “Cave Art” to hide under the wainscoting.

Corner Cave Paintings

The ceiling needed a few touch ups. The Pooh’s Umbrella blue had a few smudges left on the ceiling from the previous paint job. One coat was not enough to hide them.

Stain Station

We picked up all of the wood for the wainscoting and the baseboard and chair rail trims. That is a lot of wood to stain! It is a light honey color that goes with most of the rest of the wood in the house.

Wainscot Stained

The wainscot installation process had a few hiccups. An important power tool was left at work, so Eric went “old school” for cutting out the outlet and phone box. Look! The tools are wireless & energy efficient!

Wireless Tools!

The biggest problem occurred when the second piece of chair rail was cut and he attempted to attach it. It didn’t match! We bought it in pre-packaged sets. No where on the bin or the packaging was it indicated that different molding patterns were possible. (I double checked.) We had all four packages stained and upon further examination three of the four matched.

So I took the receipt, and my indignation, and went back to the Home Depot. I don’t think the returns gal was real happy about it, but she offered a straight across exchange. Some poor HD guy finally asked me if I needed help finding something. This was after I had lined up ALL of the trim sets along the front of the rest of their displays, sorting as I went. I tried to explain the problem to him. He only grasped my frustration after I handed him the “good” sample and told him to match it. Now, to be fair, I did start him at the end where I knew none of them matched. Then when we got to the ones that were the same, I asked him to check them for quality. Should I use the ones with the big chunks missing out of the knots, or the one with the big sap pockets oozing under the packaging? As he left, he said he was contacting the vendor about quality control. Sure thing buddy.

Wainscoted Wall

Once those pieces are stained and dry we can finish the installation. It looks good so far. Especially with carefully cropped photos!

Next stop is the closet organizer installation!