OK, the trip was a few weeks ago, but we had fun.

We have some dear friends who live on Whidbey Island. They have been pestering us for a few years to come for a visit. It’s not super easy to just pack up and go for a weekend with the farm and the critters. We found a farm sitter, packed up the car and headed out.

We went up the peninsula towards Port Townsend. The drive was pretty and the incentive of salt bagels with red onion & bacon cream cheese spread at the Metro Bagel shop was enough for Eric to agree to take that ferry crossing. It was a smart move, as we heard that there were long waits at the other ferry crossing.

Ferry Ride

Em loved the ferry. I swear she ran from one end to the other at least six times. On the trip over we saw a couple of seals, but no whales or mermaids.

We brought the tent. It rained. We’ll need to seal the seams in the floor, but it was pretty water tight other wise. The new air mattress held it’s air very well.

Em made fast friends with their daughters, Sarah and Cheryl. Instant big sisters! Whoo Hoo!

Mr. Pat sent her over the moon by letting her ride the horses. Oh, she liked playing on the beach and looking for fish, crabs, cool shells, rocks, and sticks. I think she even won a hand or two of Uno (with a little help). But the super huge smile was brought on by Vern the horse.

Horse Breath?

Mr. Pat & Miss Wendy showed her how to brush Vern to get him ready for his saddle. Vern wanted to snuffle Em. Apparently he doesn’t do this, to anyone, ever. I think it was love at first sight for both of them. We made sure we brought her bicycle helmet, because riding without a brain bucket is just crazy.

Riding Vern

Mr. Pat helped Em up into the saddle and lead Vern around while she held on. Her legs are a bit short for the stirrups yet, but that won’t last too long with as quickly as she is growing.

Buster & his Momma

The cutest member of the farm was Buster, the miniature horse colt. The chickens, goats, and llamas were OK, but we can see those at home.

There were tears when it came time to leave. Em’s slice of heaven trip finally came to an end. She loved having “big sisters” if even for only the weekend. She did stop sobbing with the aid of M&M’s and the return ferry ride.

I don’t think it will be hard to get us to come back for a visit.