Through some very good friends, I have inherited a fabric treasure trove. These are only part of a larger stash owned by a quilter who has passed on. I was asked to make a quilt for her husband from a portion of the fabrics. Of the two parcels I was able to squeeze in the car on our last visit, one was full of hand-dyed fabrics. I am guessing she dyed them herself and that they were either from a class or an experiment in making her own fabrics. I figured that these self-created pieces would have more meaning for her husband than just some material she bought off the bolt to add to her stash.

I laid out the fabrics looking for some inspiration. Each piece is about a yard long, and they range from earth tone blends to an eye-searing combo of mustard and turquoise. (That piece is going to take a “special” project!) I went for a block pattern that would have large enough pieces to show off the color variations in the fabrics and yet still allow several colors to work together.

Hand-dyed Fabrics - Top Only

This really reminds me of tile work. I hope it will honor his wife in a way he can appreciate.

The other request was that a portion of the fabrics be used for charity quilts. I have a few places that will benefit from the fabrics depending on what I find in the rest of the stash. Apparently I have about 18 more “bundles” to pick up on my next trip. I’m going to have to clean out the sewing room in order to just do the sorting!