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I signed up for a secret Santa swap on the Missouri Star Quilt Co forum. There was a clue for each month and you added an item of your choosing to the box each month. We had to wait until October to receive the names of our  swap partners.

It was a lot of fun making and picking up little things that our swap partner might like in her basket of goodies.

Secret Santa Decoy Pkg

This is what my partner sent me! Sue from New York received my name. I thought she might have gotten this box mixed up with the “Office Supply” Santa swap, but it was just some clever decoy packaging!

Hidden Treasures!

In addition to the tasty salsa, thread snips, lovely pincushion & books was all of this loot!

I have some beautiful new fabrics to play with, fresh needles for my machine, authentic Maple Syrup, & a handy new bag made in lovely Christmas fabrics & lined in flannel! I’d really like to crawl in there and take a nap! The box of color catchers is great. I’m sure I’ll be trying them out when I make Em’s red quilt. The chocolates in the adorable fabric box have been well hidden from non-sewing fingers! Those quilt labels are just about the truth on every project!

I also have two rolls of adding machine tape – Sue sent me a link for a project to make with them. Whew! I thought she was going to make me add up my fabric stash! The apple cider soap smells fantastic and is still sitting in my sewing room. I think the thing that tickled me the most was the snail measuring tape. I’m not sure why, but it just makes me smile!

So, THANK YOU Sue! Your box of goodies certainly added to the festivities around here! I’m off to go see if one of those recipes in the baking book might work for tonight’s meal.