As my 2012 Christmas gift, my sister Dorrie gave me a Craftsy Mystery Box of fabric. It nearly drove her nuts waiting until Christmas for me to open it. Inside was a jelly roll of Lilliput Lane fabrics along with an assortment of other fabulous pre-cut fabrics in other colors and patterns. (Jelly roll = 2.5 x 42″ strips of fabric rolled up to resemble a slice of jelly roll cake.)

Sparkling Gemstones in Chocolate

I get stumped with some of the pre-cuts. So I checked out a few books from the library. This pattern was in a book by Pam & Nicky Linott. It is called Sparkling Gemstones. The sample was worked with bright prints and cream sashing between the blocks. The dark chocolate fabric seemed to tame the oranges and tie the colors of these fabrics together. To be perfectly honest these would not be my first choice of colors to work with as a group.

Lilliput Lane fabrics

During the summer, I was messing with the blocks on my cutting table while I had a friend over and forgot to put them away. Dorrie came over to visit and saw them on the table. Her comment was “I really like that.” Hmmmmm. I do believe it shall be yours! It was kind of heading in her direction, but that closed the deal.

I picked up some plumy purple for the border from our new local quilt shop, Quilt Revolution, and finished the top to be big enough to snuggle under while watching TV on the couch.

The pattern uses up almost the whole jelly roll. I used the scraps from the ends of the strips to make a piano key border around the label  on the back. The only bits that weren’t used were the selvedges and they went into the bag that will make stuffing for a pet bed.

I gave her the quilt as her 2013 Christmas gift!  She liked it, although she says she doesn’t remember seeing the blocks on the sewing table last summer!