First you deduce that since she signs up for give-a-ways on the KitchenAid site every time a stand mixer comes up that she might want one. You somehow work a conversation around to them while at a “Girls Weekend”. You then discover that while she would like to have one someday, they are on her “List of Things to Get When I Win the Lottery.” Unless, of course, she wins one somewhere.


Then you shop until you find The Best Deal Ever, and you buy her one for her birthday. AND because you are so excited, you drive it out to her house to give it to her two weeks early.

This is an excellent way to make your sister happy.

One of the first items to take a test spin in the mixer was peanut butter cookie dough.

Inaugural Batch

I had help squishing them out before baking.

Baker's Helper

Not only has this made me happy, but since I have to try out all of the recipes to see if they work up any different and if they fit in that 5 quart bowl. It has made my family, and several other recipients of baked goods happy as well.

Thanks Sis! I’m loving it!