Picante is the herd referee. Each animal seems to have a job in our herd. Hers is to settle arguments. Sometimes she’s calm about it, other times, I think she trained with some mafia types.

Picante + Sidewalk Chalk

She is a softie for scratches, especially from the little kids. We had the sidewalk chalk out and all of us kids were drawing on the rubber stall mats in the barn. Apparently large chalk sticks have excellent scratching surfaces. She could not have cared less that she was starting to look like a giant Easter egg. Someone was rubbing her face and neck in all of the itchy spots, and it felt sooo good. The color stayed on for several days. Our grandson wanted to “Go color number 2 goat again, please” on his next visit.

I’m pretty sure that none of the other goats gave her any grief over her unusual coloring for those few days. Not that they didn’t think it was odd, but it wasn’t worth a fight to make fun of her.