Dang! I almost forgot about my blog. It seems that Facebook may have eaten the time I used to spend posting on my blog. That, and work.

I had a lovely note arrive in my email box from a lady who used my adventures with Raggedy Ann to help her figure out how get the wig on her own doll. That was pretty awesome. I always hope that by making my trials and errors public, someone else can benefit from them. I certainly hope her Annie doll will be as well loved at the ones I created.

It also appears that I have become a lazy typist. I have become accustomed to the iPad, Kindle, and even the phone, correcting my words as I enter the keystrokes. No need to capitalize, sometimes I need to check spellings because Autocorrect likes to change the words I use to ones it knows. Most of the time, it is helpful. It has allow me to become reckless, as I only have to get close or get the first few letters and click my choice.

I’m not sure I like that.

I tell the students I work with, they need to do their best and not to rely on technology to fix their work. I suppose I should take my own advice and spend some more time on my blog, thereby practicing my typing skills.

Here is to more words on WordPress in 2019!