I live on a small farm on the Key Peninsula in Washington State, USA with my husband and daughter. Our son recently flexed his wings and found an apartment closer to work, where lives with our grandson.

The farm is always a work in progress. We love working around here and shaping it into a space that is perfect for us. We currently have several breeds of dairy goats, some chickens, an Anatolian Shepherd livestock guardian dog, and a cat who thinks she is a guard dog.

The main barn is built and we are working on getting the interior finished out. The Grade A dairy license to sell milk is not feasible at this time, so we will just have to enjoy the milk & cheese ourselves.

We attempt a veggie garden every year, some years are much more successful than others. Our orchard has survived another year and our perennial herb garden continues to expand with culinary and medicinal species. In addition to the wild blackberries and huckleberries that grow around here, we have added blueberries and raspberries to our farm.

I sew, quilt, and craft when I can squeeze in the time around the other parts of our busy lives. Usually after everybody has gone to bed and the house gets quiet.

This blog is dedicated to the weirdness that is our lives. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a closer look.