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After several years of riding with training wheels it was time for them to come off. In reality they have been barely hanging on the last year. One of them had worked it’s way loose and kind of tagged along for the ride.

Away she goes!

Now we have to get her to remember to steer and use the brakes….


Our son is growing up. He has had some big changes in his life the last few years.

Jaiden's Birth Day

He has become a Father and a good Dad. Last month he decided that it was time to move out and get an apartment of his own.


No, I did not decide to take over his old room with my sewing stuff!  We are going to use that room as an office and guest room.

Cave Artist

We picked out a light robin’s egg blue for the walls. We got a test jar to see if the color would be as nice in there as we thought. We managed a couple of  “test squares” and then it evolved into cave paintings.

Cave Art

Some of the paintings will survive. We are planning on putting wainscoting around the base of two of the walls.

More Cave Art

I can just imagine what someone will think if they ever take it down.

Long ago, before we had the farm and another child, we bought into a timeshare. (This NOT a horror story about timeshares. I really like ours.) We had some points that were expiring in June if we didn’t use them up, so I started poking about the reservation site.

Low and behold, we could get into a condo at Ocean Shores for a few days around Mother’s Day.

I made a few calls. Eric could wangle his schedule around. The Farmer from Herron Hill could come and mind the milkers for a few milkings, and Em could miss Monday’s classes. We left Sunday morning, hit the Olympia Farmer’s Market and made it to the coast by dinner time!

Kite flying

We had a blast! We got soaked Monday morning while walking the beach, but by 1:30 this is what we had to put up with!

Go Fly A Kite!

The best Mother’s Day so far!



Why do I do this?

I am up trying to figure out how to convert a white shirt in to a Lab Coat. My precious Little Miss finally decided what she wants for Christmas. She wants to be like Doc McStuffins. (Totally cool new Disney character, and I hear she’s bumping Dora for the most popular!)

I do believe Santa is going to be bringing her the items one would need to be a good stuffed animal doctor. Now she will need a medical bag, the afore mentioned lab coat, and a Big Book of Boo-Boos to record all of her findings.

At least I was smart enough to hit the thrift shop for a pre-made shirt! Lord love a duck and a quack like me!

Here is to a Merry Christmas!

Now where is that eggnog and an 18 inch zipper???

A bit late, but I just downloaded the camera to get the pictures.

Our own pumpkins were still green, so we went to the local pumpkin patch. It was pouring rain and the pumpkins were pretty well picked over, but we found one that would work.

Little Miss picked the face. Dad cut out the top and started the gut scraping. Em got to fish out the guts. Yum!

Here is the finished face. He was officially named Happy Happy Happy. He certainly appears to be. He is even now making the chickens extremely happy.

Em decided she wanted to be a dinosaur for Halloween. The pattern looked simple enough. I even read through the directions before I agreed to make it. How wrong I was. This pattern was, hands down, THE worst pattern I have ever tried to make. The directions were horrible. Who decides to make & stuff a four foot long tail and then have you construct the costume around it? I finally smartened up, used my common sense and unstuffed it to finish the construction. When I did finish the tail I added an elastic strap at the end of the tail so she could keep it from dragging in the mud. I didn’t stuff the tail to the same fullness they wanted either. There was no way she was going to be able to sit in a chair or the car with that monstrosity.

That being said, I think the costume turned out well for all of the problems I had. More importantly, she loved it! It looks pretty stylish with the polka dot rain boots too! You know all of the trendy dinos will be wearing them now!

We went to the local Trunk or Treat at the Improvement Club. A nice way for the kids to get to see each other’s costumes and not be out on the back roads in our area trying to trick or treat. We did stop in at the neighbor’s house as she really loves to see the neighborhood kids in their costumes. We also followed that up by donning the costume again on Thursday for a Trick or Treat trip to Nana & Grandpa’s after our speech appointment. Fun was had by all.


Thankfully that costume is big enough for next year too! Whooo Hoo!

My daughter prefers to play on the floor, so the knees of her pants take a beating. It seems the that the left knee is the first to wear out leaving the rest of the pants in fine condition. I can’t send her to school in pants with holes in the knees. I am sure that the school does not care, but I just can’t do it. Blame the Grandmothers, all of them, on both sides of the family, as many as I can remember personally, and possibly more than that. I can just imagine those disapproving glares if I even thought about it.

So, in an effort to make a knee patch look like something fun to wear, I came up with this solution. I’ll share it with you in case you need to patch some things up.

Wash the article of clothing before you begin. For the knees of jeans I have found it easier to undo the side seam of the pant leg for access to the tear. Getting to the spot to be patched is often the hardest part.

I find a shape that will cover the tear and give some good jeans material around the edges. In this case a heart and a star. I have some quilting templates here, but cookie cutters or any other easy shape will work.

For fun I picked a couple of cotton prints to make the shape stand out. I use a scrap of polar fleece as the actual patch material. It is soft on the knees when playing for hours on the floor. I put the cotton facing out the tear and then the polar fleece behind. I have the patch cover the entire width of the front pant leg piece. This makes it less likely that another blow out will occur in nearly the same spot.

Pin the patch on and stitch around the design. On the star I stitched with a tight zig-zag. With the heart, I did a couple of passes around the shape with a shortened straight stitch and a zig-zag row a bit farther out. Two rows of stitching seem to keep the patch from shifting and make it look more decorative. I then stitched the outside edge of the patch to the pants leg to keep it from flopping around inside the pant leg. Again, the large sized patch helps reenforce the weakened fibers at the worn through knee. Once the shape has been stitched, I trimmed the torn denim back to the design edge to make it look less like a repair and more like fashion.

While I was at it, I lengthened the pant legs. When I un-stitched the cuffs there were obvious wear marks and color differences in the denim. To help disguise this I added a couple rows of decorative ribbon. Again, not difficult, but I do suggest stitching down both sides of the ribbon for a more finished look. If you need even more length, a row of cotton eyelet lace could be added, but adding lace should probably fit the personality of the girl. I did see some cool dinosaur, race car, and dump truck trims if you are going to try this for a boy. Remember to stitch up the bottom edge for a narrow hem.

When re-stitching the side seams a serger certainly comes in handy, but a wide zig-zag with one or two rows of straight stitching along the seam line will do just fine.

These pants now have a few more months of school wear before being relegated to farm pants when the other knee goes. She actually looks for these pants to wear first during the week. I guess the patch job was a success then!

Now, most of us would not look at this Costco pack of toilet paper as anything but something to put away under the cabinet.

So far it has been an iceberg, a diving board, an Olympic medal podium, a raft for several stranded stuffed friends, and now finally, when coupled with an inflatable foot stool from IKEA, a chaise lounge of the finest redneck fashion. All of this creativity occurred before 10 AM.

These are the things that happen so often in my daily life with the Little Miss, that I don’t think to photograph them. Daddy, however, about busted a gut trying not to laugh when he came in and saw this. He wanted to get a picture of it, probably to torture her with later as a teenager. While I didn’t get the full effect of her lounging captured on film, you can see the intent.

Welcome to the funny farm!

The Little Miss and her daddy went for a hike at Crystal Mountain while I was judging the goat show at the King County Fair.

They caught the gondola and rode up the mountain and started the hike from there. This is a shot with Mount Rainier in the background.

I think the constant hounding by the shutter-bug dad to turn around and smile was starting wear on her by this point!

They had a fun time and she was sure she saw an elk. Daddy says it was a tree with some dead branches, but what does he know?

They did remember to stop by Enumclaw on the way home and pick me up.

Monday we were headed out for our second load of hay. We found this waiting for us in the barn that morning. Thanks Sake, your timing is impeccable.

Meet Splash. She had a beautiful brother. He didn’t have an easy time entering this world, and sadly he didn’t stay with us long. Splash is a determined little thing. The bottle seemed to flummox her, but she got fed before we headed out for our second round of hay.

It was about 10 degrees cooler in the field for this load. We would have made it under the cloud cover if not for the Splash delay. Little Miss has gotten more confident with the use of the hay hook and she’s now trying to drag the bales on her own. She can actually move the lighter ones.

Here are the results of our second Hay Day. Please note the new tire swing. Thank you Wendell of CSR for the used motorcycle tire. Daddy rigged up the rope system and the tire swing has been a HUGE hit. Although we are now plagued with requests for a push. The goat girls are adjusting to the latest invasion of their space quite well. There are only a few snorts on the way to the milk stands now.

There are three very special girls who live in New York. One is an Emily, so that makes her special right off. Sadly she is fighting a nasty disease called Aplastic Anemia. It does horrible things to your body and the doctors have to do all sorts of uncomfortable and icky tests to see how well the treatments are working. Emily is 11. Way, way too young to be fighting for her life like that. She also has two younger sisters. Laura is 8 and Sarah is 5, going on 6.

The group of quilty ladies on the Missouri Star Quilting Company forum decided to get together and make Emily a quilty hug so she knew how many of us were out here rooting for her. Well, some of us thought it would be nice to make quilts for her sisters too.

Sarah likes penguins and ballet, pinks and green. This is what her quilt ended up looking like.

I had 10 blocks from 5 other people on this one. I’ll have 9 for Laura’s. I completely forgot to take photos before I sent the top off to Ruby in Hawaii to be quilted. As you can see, she did a wonderful job. She found some super cute material to back it with. I think they are hula girls.

Now I am working on Laura’s fabric hug. It has taken me a lot longer to get this project done that I had planned. You know what they say about plans though!