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Block # 7 – Flower Girl for Glaucia

Originally uploaded by toggpine

This is number seven of the eight blocks I have made so far for the Around the World Quilting Bee. I had to do a bit of a size adjustment. I had a slightly different plan for this block when I thought it was a 12 inch block.
I am sure I broke some quilting rule by adding a border to only two edges instead of all four, but too bad. It doesn’t look very lopsided since the yellow points come out farther. This was the third time I had tried to put the outer border on it, and I had had just about enough.

Dimensional shot of FG #7

The rest of the block went together very nicely. Even the points that are dimensional. The two big ones and the three small ones are similar to prairie points. You fold a square into quarters and then tuck the raw edges into the seams. It was kind of fun to play with.
This one is off in the mail today as well. Perhaps now I can get the kitchen curtains done, and then back to my Storm at Sea project, or some house cleaning – ugh!